30 December 2007

Last one for this year

Well we have been slowly moving in and getting comfortable over the last week and overall we are just slightly ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!! We are all so happy and relaxed. My favourite thing about it is sitting at the kitchen table because we all fit!

We have a lot of work to go yet but when I get all of the new curtains up n the front wndows I will finally show you all a picture of the whole house.

Thats it for now ... I don't know what I was thinking but I decided to have New Years here so I have some organising to do and probably some drinks and nibbles will be in order.

Take care and be safe. Type soon!

22 December 2007

Breathe in, Breathe out......

Breathe in, breathe out ok still not helping. While we were moving H's furniture into her new room I noticed some water near the toilet door. Went to wipe it up and see where it came from and followed it around the corner and into H's room! NOOOOOOOOO

After a lot of running around like a headless chook we found that with all the rain our gutters had over flown into the roof and down the wall :^((

I spoke to the builder who rushed straight over (to make sure it wasn't his fault) and he has fixed the problem for now. I rang the insurance and an assessor will be out Monday afternoon.

They recommended that we get and electrician out to check the wiring immediately so we did He looked and checked everything out and said it was ok to turn the power back on which was good. He has left the power point hanging out of the wall so that it has some aitr circulating. He has insulated it so that little hands can't get zapped but we still moved a few things around to be safe.

After many hours and a few tears we decided to move H in and take our chances since it looks like everything will be ok. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas then have a nice day ! MWAH

20 December 2007

Gotta love kids

Not that she has been waiting for this day or anything but our darling daughter woke up this morning and had barely wiped the sleep from her eyes.....

Do you think she is happy? Ecstatic nearly describes how happy she is. She had furniture lined up from her room to the extension. I had to push it back in for now and distract her with half an hour on the play station so Dad could finish painting the outside of her door frame. He was being very good about leaning out of the way as she carried her drawers and stereo in, truly something only a grandpa would do.

Thats it for now so take care and have a very Merry Christmas!

19 December 2007

Good news!

It's wednesday and guess what ... the floor was laid yesterday!!!
Not that we were waiting or anything lol
It took a lot of last minute work to get ready but after a 1 am painting finish monday night we were ready in time.
I spent tuesday morning scraping the floor to get rid of all the lumps of plaster etc and have the blisters to prove it. Today I spent the day sealing the floor so that tomorrow they can move in to their rooms! Do you think there is anyone here who may be just a little excited?

what else can I say but WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!

14 December 2007

Quick update

We found out today that the soonest the floor can be laid is next thursday. We are going well with the painting but without the help of my Dad we would never make our deadline. We will spend this weekend painting and should finish everything by monday. The flooring people have said that if they have time before thursday they will slot us in so we need to make sure that we are ready just in case. It wold be soooo wonderful if it happens sooner but at least it will be done before Christmas! I'm not sure if we can walk on it straight away or not so at most we will have 4 days to move everything in. Can we do it? YES WE CAN! (er yeah I think so lol)

We are also the proud new carers of 3 more chickens! We were down to 2 girls so when I heard there were 3 looking for a home I thought why not. Hopefully the ducks will be relocating to their new home soon and we can get the vegetable garden up and running again.

Thats it for now so take care type later!

10 December 2007

Weekend work and a new switch

The bathroom switch took 2 minutes to fix as it was only a faulty switch. Woohoo go electricians!

On the weekend we picked up the paint and filled all the nail holes in the skirting boards and window frames. D, M and A did a good job of sanding in the front room and today Dad is in there with his sander whizzing through the rest of the rooms. I bet they wish they had thought of using our sander instead of crawling around with a piece of sandpaper lol oh well live and learn!

Al has finished H's drawers and they look fantastic! She is soooo happy and can't wait to use them. I need to polish the handles but i'm not sure what to use. Any ideas for me? They are brass but appear to have a protective coating on the front where the cameo is. Will post a pic when I get my card reader back from my darling husband.

Thats it for now

See ya!

6 December 2007

Such fun!

I had a wonnnnderful morning scrapping at Mandy's followed by lunch at a swish restaurant lol

When I finally got home ( just in time to get the kids) I found builders business card in the door. Will have to ring tomorrow and see what he wants...Maybe I should make HIM wait for a change :^D
Nahhhh I have to ring him to get the electrician back. When I turned the bathroom light on tonight it started flashing and when I went back to the switch it was making sizzling noises. I went straight out the front and turned the lighting circuit off because I did NOT like that sound.

The best Dad in the whole wide world has undercoated and painted the ceiling in the 2 bedrooms and the toilet. I have asked my colour consultant (aka Mandy) to help me pick a colour for my family room/kitchen. Then it will be off to the paint shop AGAIN to give them more money.

Hope you are all well

5 December 2007

Are you sitting down?

I can hardly believe I am about to say this but the builder has finished :^O

Thats right! Finished! Yesterday the plumber fiiinally turned up at the same time as the shower screen guy and today the window man brought the fly screens and thats it. I asked what was next and they said "ummm nothing that I can see ...it looks like thats it". I don't know what I expected but I guess I at least thought we would here hope you are happy have a nice day. Oh well who cares WOOHOO!!!!!

I will post pics of my wonderful toilet tomorrow lol

Have a great day ... I'm going scrapping :^D

1 December 2007

Electricity is DONE!

Now you have to know that I was totally tempted to take pictures of each light bulb on :^D but instead I thought I would post an outside pic to show how good things are looking.
Have a great day!