31 October 2007

Inside carpentry is done!

Yayyy another thing done :^D It's the little things that really make a difference isn't it.

Underneath the window in our (old) house we have scotia , the curved piece of decorative wood under the window sill, is is cut square to the sill. Our wonderful carpenter cut them on an angle and it looks fantastic! I will try and get a better photo of it soon.

Take Care

30 October 2007

We have doors!!!!

Come on eveybody sing along with Miss Pam...Open, shut them___open, shut them___give a little clap...open, shut them___open, shut them (take pictures and) put them in your lap(top). Yes i've gone crazy and i'm having flashbacks to my childhood hehee
We also have window sills, most of the skirting done and half of the door surrounds yayyyy

27 October 2007


The carpenter spent 2 days here so far and has fixed all the "problem wood". He even fixed the floor that the site manager was trying to avoid talking about.
and built us a nice door frame for our double depth doorway

23 October 2007

Doing the kitchen dance!

I have a kitchen lalalalaa laaaa I have a kitchen lalalalaa laaaa there is a whole dance that goes with this Pam song lol

Dave the big meany says its not a kitchen just a room of cuboards until everything is hooked up...rolling eyes and starting my kitchen dance again while he's rolling his eyes LMAO
Anyway here are some photos for you


22 October 2007

Security doors

Security door man turned up today and the poor bugger was having a bad day. The first door locked open and wouldn't move after that so it had to be taken back then he was really happy about the second door being ok until he squated down the put the plate that the lock goes into and his hammer went straight through the mesh :^( Not happy Jan. We pointed out that Murphy lived on this site and had showed himself many times at that he just laughed saying that his mother was a Murphy so what hope did he have lol. Anyway all is well now and we have 2 lovely new security doors.
Here is what they look like.... Good night for now

17 October 2007


Today the bathroom was started when they waterproofed our shower.
The only other thing that happened was the electrician hacked holes in our bedroom wall. Hopefully he'll be back soon to finish the job. He has to wait for an ETSA technician to give approval and turn power off to our house so that the meters can be moved. Until then we have to live with this...

and you know what? I don't care :^D because it means things are slowly but surely getting done! yayyyy

16 October 2007

It's a sad life when....

....a toilet get's delivered and it's the highlight of your week. LMAO Well to be fair it was the vanities that made my day.
It's getting closer !!!!!

12 October 2007


I have changed the settings to show all the posts on the same page.
What do you think?
Does it take too long to load now?
Input! :^)

More happenings

Yesterday the cornices were put up. It was another WOW job that has made everything seem bigger. The shutter people also came to measure up which was good. Hopefully we will be feeling a bit more secure soon.
Hope you are all having a great day.

10 October 2007

quick look

The two little chips are the kitchen colours and the bigger is the floor.

9 October 2007

Bathroom Floor

The tiler turned up today which was a very welcome surprise. He came to lay a slip ? I think thats what it's called? over the floor. It's purpose is to get the fall on the floor going towards the relevant drains. If that had been done properly in our old bathroom we probably wouldn't have had so much trouble with whiteants. If this photo is fuzzy let me know and i'll get on a computer with a better screen and change it.
Just after they left a guy turned up to measure for the security doors. Yay for another step along the way!

7 October 2007

smoothing out the edges

Feeling pretty happy about the wood idea. It came just in time to help save us from the messiest part of the reno...rubbing back the plaster. The plasterer is a lovely guy and knew I was worried about the mess it would make and stapled some blue stuff to his side of the doorway.
Then it was on to business and let the dust fly!

The end product is such a great finish that I wish he could come back and redo most of the walls in the old part of the house!

4 October 2007

Getting Plastered

No no that was my reckless youth lol This time i'm talking about the house!

Sorry the updates have been sporadic, it's school holidays here and I am bookmarking days but not getting to post until days later.

It's been quite windy lately so we upgraded the blanket to a sheet of MDF we had from a long forgotten project. That has kept us a lot warmer.
Strange how easily it becomes out of sight out of mind. It's just like having the curtains hanging over the old window...have I mentioned I can't wait to move in?
Well it's getting late so I will leave you with the Sarah Lee plastering method


2 October 2007

Profile pic

This was the easiest way to put a pic on my profile so here are the terrible twins H & E having a ball at the beach.

1 October 2007

They just cant wait

Since it's the school holidays H and friend have been having loads of fun. They have set up cubbies and craft table in the new family room. The only thing they aren't happy about is that i'm a mean mummy and won't let them sleep out there.