29 September 2007


After a very cold windy night we decided to put the curtain rod back up and hang a blanket from it to try to keep the lounge a little warmer. While we were watching TV the blanket was swaying in and out and one of the kids said "it's breathing!" yep the extension has come alive :^D

28 September 2007


Today was one of those rare occasions (since construction started) that I got to go out. When I got home I was blown away by the change!

Nothing had happened since late last week then today 6 tradies turned up. 3 gyprockers, 2 plumbers (they came to fix the joint from the old bathroom to the new pipes which were leaking) and the carpenter who came to the scribe the bargeboard under the tiles, hang front door and make the most amazing difference....he broke through into the house so the extension is officially part of the house! Yayyyyy

So here are the much awaited photos lol

Dave wants a pair of these go go gadget legs lol

How to change a window into a door....

Oh my what a difference a day makes!

Going to get a good nights sleep with a HUGE smile on my face :^D

27 September 2007

Boring wednesday

Nothing much has happened so far this week. The Door furniture was supposed to be delivered last week but it didnt turn up. While we were waiting we had insulation delivered. We had just got it into the family room, the bundles are surprisingly heavy, when the gyprock turned up and we had to move the insulation to J's room so that we could fit the gyprock in. A couple of pieces were so long that they stuck out the front door (hole) and had to be covered in plastic. We had just fnished doing that when surprise surprise
They finally got here via reynella???? Apparently that where they went last week but they are here now which means they can arrange the carpenter to hang the front door.

Yayyy see how easy I am to please! lol

24 September 2007

We're wired!

Decided to bore you with wiring lol

and since the chickens are feeling left out I decided to hang a construction creation in their tree...YES I am booored with being at home all the time!!! Did you notice? ;^D

21 September 2007

The dodgy edge

Some pics of what the edge should look like and what it actually looks like.

Here is the outside edge bargeboard
This is the "joined on" side which should follow the same angles as the pic above but...
It may not seem too bad but when looked at closely it is really rough and made up of 3 scrap pieces of woodAfter pointing it out to the cladders it now looks like this...

It's been really roughly cut and is down to 2 scraps. urgh


Is that talk like a pirate day or non carpenters? lol

I have been kept very busy with life around here. Most of you know what happened to M and for those who don't I will just say his shiner is coming along nicely...sigh.

As for the non-carpenters ... they are cladders. They were also paid to put the outside window surrounds and door frame in. When we looked at the workmanship...or lack there of...we were not happy. Where the mitre cuts on the corners haven't met up they have filled them with a silicone type putty and where they were really badly mismatched they simply did what anyone would do ... took an angle grinder to it. They also put a piece of wood on the end of our eaves that is just ridiculous on so many levels and J's window is sagging in the middle so that also needs to be looked at.

Will tackle the site manager tomorrow and see what can be done about the windows. What is it that the site manager does exactly? I wonder because I feel like I am doing a lot of the onsite management at the moment lol

I'll leave you with photo of the back of the house before they put the edges around the windows.

Take care.

14 September 2007


We have pipes! The plumber has done a great job. Not only with the new section but also new pipes to my bath in the old bathroom. When they laid the foundations the bath pipes were bent up and badly damaged, then they were cut off and the framing up covered the holes where the pipes used to go. Mr plumber not only fixed the pipes he also moved the position of the bath taps so that if we ever need to work on them in the future they will be a lot easier to access.

The carpenters it turns out are not carpenters but thats a story for another day.

Stay safe and well

13 September 2007


I was starting to think they had forgotten where we live! Today they made up for it.....

They've done more than this but I wasn't going out in the rain to take more pictures.

We have an appointment to confirm the kitchen colours and then they will come and do the final measurements. ooooo it's getting so exciting now!

Hope you are all well

8 September 2007

We have a roof!

After my last marathon post I thought I would leave this one as.....

We have a roof!

5 September 2007


The amount of waste involved in building has been really bothering me. I think I will see if there are any charities in Adelaide that build houses for families who need homes. I seem to remember an organisation called houses for humanity or something like that. Found them! They are called Habitat for Humanity

The reason for this is that I have seen so much thrown away. I'm not talking about offcuts of wood i'm talking about perfectly good building materials that are going in the skip because they are surplus. I recycle as much as possible around here to reduce landfill so it's really annoying to see things get thrown out that could still do the job they were created for.
What really pushed my button was when the gutters went up and a box was thrown into the skip. It was cardboard so I decided to put it in my recycling bin. When I picked it up it had 5 gutter clips (thats what I call them anyway lol) I asked him if he was still using the box and he said "no just throw them in the skip they are just extras" There was nothing wrong with them so why didn't he take them for the next job or leave them for the builder to use on the next job?

I don't see why they can't put this stuff to use. Surely if they don't want to keep the money in their own pockets then they could have a left over pile that could go to someone like Habitat for Humanity to collect and use.

Well that whinge wasn't the ony thing that came out of the skip. So far we have recycled...

The quarry rubble ... to raise the level of our front yard so there is no more step up to the verandah

From the concreting we have saved orange plastic, bar chairs (the black tower things that hold rio up inside the slab), small cement blocks (that were also used inside the slab) a full pack of trench mesh stirrups, lots of tie wires and several huge pieces of rio mesh that will be used for foot paths and leftovers will be used in the vege garden. The the last of concrete went into the skip...so if you ever have concrete being poured at your place have a think about what else you want done. We could have had a path out of all the left overs if only we had thought of it before!

Metres and metres of string line that is cut off at the slightest hint of a tangle is now being used in the garden and on some creations i've made

The batton offcuts are hard wood so they are going into our neighbours fire to keep them warm.
Unfortunately the other offcuts are treated but if they weren't then they would have gone to our local kindy for construction play

The broken roof tiles and the offcuts of cfboard will soon be garden edges.

The steel is being taken to the metal merchant to be recycled and put some money back in our pocket.

I've also been having fun and creating while waiting for tradie's to turn up so i'll finish this off with a photo of my favourite creation out of 100% rubbish!

4 September 2007

Whiteant wipeout

Due to the whiteant damage we have had over the years we wanted to make sure all timber used was treated. Turns out the trusses weren't! So they hired a lovely young lady to climb like a monkey (her words lol) and rub poison all over them.

Poor thing...it was a really awful job so I hope they paid her well!

3 September 2007

We blame the eclipse!

As I said in the last post we went a little nutty and decided to have a bit of fun!

First we got a little chair and put it in the toilet area with some toilet paper. Then we bought in a table and decorated with some recycled goods. We went out and got our old portable TV that died a few weeks ago and set that up on a chair in the corner and put the cats bowl in there too.

Then D remembered the outside sink and just had to set that up, more recycling there with the dishwashing liquid bottle, and don't forget we hung curtains. (Finally put that pic up on the last post...sorry about the delay.)
Carpenters started the day with a chuckle. Kept asking me what kind of hot chocolate we were drinking lol

Time to go again already take care!