16 July 2007

Holiday's and repeat approvals!

Well it's halfway through the school holidays and all I can say to that is WOOHOO! We are all taking turns at being sick so it hasn't been the happiest of holidays. We haven't even been to the movies.

The good news is that we have had our building application approved AGAIN!!! Thats right again. It WAS approved towards the end of May and should have been weeks away from starting but then it was recalled. Turns out our council got into trouble for "rubber stamping" approvals, so our application was amongst those that were recalled for a closer look. We new it would be ok because we have a reputable builder but it has been a very frustrating wait.

Our bathroom is still naked (scroll down to see the picture) REALLY over it now. Sick of keeping towels and toothbrushes in our bedroom but I guess it will all work out in the end.

Thats it for now. Will give more regular updates now that things are moving again.