14 August 2014

Things change

We extended out house and I must thank the friends who encouraged me to document it on this blog. It is lovely looking back and seeing all the things that seemed almost insurmountable at the time. We really did just want to give up and throw in the towel a few times but eventually we got there. Of course we still have to do the old part of the house but that will happen when the time is right. Things change slowly!

Which brings me to today's post ...

It's been happening for a while now...it started a few years ago ... I'm renovating Me!

One night I was just wandering aimlessly around the www when I came across a youtube video that stopped me in my tracks. I found Brave Girls Club. I started watching and by the time Melody got to the old broken down house my heart was racing and when she walked in and talked about the condition of the house I had tears streaming down my face. I didn't know what was happening to me all I knew is that it was affecting me deeply and I needed to explore this thing that I'd found.

Fast forward 3 and a half years and I just want to share Brave Girls with everyone!!!

I see so many people hurting out there and I wish I could get them all to Brave Girls Club and let them feel what I've felt and help them to heal and feel whole again. Like they were when they were young...before the weight of the world was placed on their shoulders... before all the lies that told them they weren't good enough.

You are good enough. you are worth it. YOU ARE LOVED!!!

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