10 January 2009

Ahhhh a New Year

Here it is a new year and a fresh start.
What is it about the new year? I try not to make it a big deal or make any resolutions but then you have that fateful day when you have to write the date and you hesitate at the year and think '09 sigh what happened to 08??? As soon as I do that I have this overwhelming urge to consider my life, think where I have been and where i am going.

I have been wanting to change things on here for a while but just didn't get around to it. I want to put more emphasis on being happy.... finding something everyday that makes me smile.... things that make my family smile .... things that make YOU smile!

So I am going to start posting photos and things that make me smile. Is there anything that really makes your heart smile? Go out and look for things in your daily life that make you happy! It will make you happy and that is bound to spread to those around you.

Silly things that make me happy number 1. Playing with my camera

A boring night drive made me smile when I decided to play with my camera settings.

Have a great day and remember to smile!