28 January 2008


In response to a friend of mine who has been watching and waiting for me to get off my butt....here are your photos Emma! :^D

HEY! When was the last time you updated yours???? I seem to recall a certain job announcement and then nothing since ! AHA! lmao

11 January 2008

Happy New Year!

yeah yeah I know, it's about time. All I can say is time has been limited with trying to move, clean and juggle 3 kids... Speaking of which does anyone want 3 children? They are free. Will pay and as a bonus they also come with baggage and attitude. No? BUGGER!

I wanted to take photos of the completed rooms but middle son said that if I put pictures of their rooms on the net they will be abducted and it will be all my fault. So I took the photos anyway and will show you the painted but not moved into rooms soon. SIGH the power of children. Did I mention they come with guilt laid on thick???

I guess the holidays will be over before we know it and then I will be lonely again.....oh how I long for those loney days!!! :^D

Take care all