30 November 2010

Some Christmas Cheer for those in need of smiles

HP WebsiteMake a child smile with esmiles@hpeprinter.com
For every eSmile you send, HP will give $1 to raise money to support families staying at Ronald McDonald House Randwick during the holiday season.
Powered by HP ePrint technology, allowing you to deliver eSmiles just by sending an email.

Ronald McDonald House is dedicated to helping sick children and their families.

Thanks to unique HP ePrint technology, people from all over the world can send the children and families of Ronald McDonald House Randwick an eSmile between Nov 29 and Dec 12 2010.

Your eSmile could be a photo, words, letters, jokes, poems, stories, drawings, puzzles, games anything you like.

For every eSmile that prints and becomes part of the eSmiles wall, HP will donate $1 to the cause.

Send your eSmile now – It’s too easy.

Step 1: Create your eSmile and attach an image of it in a Microsoft Office, bmp, jpg, gif,tiff, or PDF document format.

Step 2: Email it to esmiles@hpeprinter.com

Step 3: See it appear on the eSmiles online wall at hpeprinter.com

VISIT WEBSITE Ronald McDonald HouseHP

Merry Christmas

16 May 2010

Here again

I am constantly amazed as I wander around the streets at peoples creativity and how they express it so openly. I wish that I had that strength, My art is still an extremely personal thing that very few people have ever seen. I worry about being judged so I've set myself a personal challenge to be more accepting of me and more confident in sharing my heartfelt creations. In saying that I have nothing to share right now. lol however I have been inspired to ummmm express myself on the ramp which is about to be constructed for our front door...after only 2 1/2 years!
Now that I've decided to do it I'm really getting excited so keep an eye out for photos in the next month or so.

Take care

2 January 2010

Oh dear!

oops didn't realize just how long it had been! What a slacker lol

Hmmm how can I make it up to you? Maybe a photo from my not so new new camera?

This Dumbo imitator is Jackie our (eek not so new) new puppy. She is a beagle/spaniel mix and the best puppy in the world. Sorry for being such a bad blogger, life has been busy and I'm not on the computer as much as I used to be.
I will try to get back in the habit of posting this year.

Take care