29 August 2007


We have windows and in all the excitement we all went a little nutty! hehe yes there are curtains hanging in the windows
It was the lunar eclipse so we went outside to watch. After deciding it was a bit cold we all moved into the extension to watch in comfort. We were joined first by my sister and then our young neighbour. Later in the evening Mum and Dad turned up. A fun night was had by all and we were kept warm with our Hot Chocolates yummm.

Around 9.30 we got a little over excited and talking about setting up a practical joke for the carpenters.

will have to finish this tomorrow and will add pics .... have to go and clean up glass now siiigh

26 August 2007

Truss time

I've been sick for the last two days and just wandered out to have a look at what they have been up to.

WOW! We have roof trusses up and it's starting to look like a house! Sooo exciting!

Can't wait to see what they do tomorrow!

The floor

The words "get over it" come to mind lol

Clearly a polished floor just wasn't meant to be! First the bathroom floor, then the blood splatter (YES!) and the oil. Ahhh let it go Pam

The last post told of the problem with the floor in the bathroom section. Well I spoke to the the man in charge the next day and reminded him that we told them from the begining the floor would be polished. His answer? well he had a novel solution... paint it grey! HELLOOOOO The coating we were going to put on the floor is a one time deal. If we paint it it will need to be done repeatedly.... forever more....kind of defeats the purpose.

Here is the paragraph to skip if you don't have a strong stomache. Close your eyes Mern hehe

The carpenter was busily putting up the walls when ouch he shot himself with the nail gun! His son called me and when I got out there they had pulled the nail out ... which was when the splatter happened ... and he was sitting down trying to stop the bleeding. I ran to get the phone and when I got back HE WAS CLEANING UP! I think that freaked me out more than anything. He said he was worried about my floor! I wanted him to go to a Dr or something not clean the floor!!!! Anyway he went to the Dr and was back half an hour later with lunch. They told him it would be a four hour wait so he left. Said there was 60 people ahead of him and they all seemed to have bird flu so he was out of there and back to work! Bred tough that one :^D

After they went home that night the crane turned up (a day early) and put the trusses on the roof. while they were doing that the crane dripped oil everywhere. I went straight out there and spread bicarb on it to try to soak up the oil but it only worked on the small patches Ahhh there it goes ... POP... floor dream gone lol

Now here is the pic that made my day.
After everything else that happened that day I went outside to find this. That is our toootally excited daughter SWEEPING her floor and complaining about the mess they had left in her new room!
Always nice to finish on a high :^D
Hope this finds you all well. Hugs to you all

21 August 2007

It was......

...the best of times it was the worst of times lol Ahhh the joys of building.

We have walls!

Well half of them anyway. The other half will go up tomorrow. They would probably have finished today but when they put up the bathroom walls we discovered a problem :^O

The bathroom floor should have been a stubby L shape but it is square. We assumed that it was square now because of the plan changes unfortunately that isn't the case. I suppose they will just fill the gap up to floor level but that will ruin the planned polished floor. This photo shows the view from the bedroom door looking down the hallway.

Thats all for tonight. I have to get them here tomorrow to find a solution to the floor and the roof as things aren't going as planned with tiles either.

Goodnight all

20 August 2007

More laughs!

We have the carpenters on site now and will have some exciting photos tomorrow.

I just HAD to post these two photos. The chippies needed to have a closer look at the window which will soon be a door so I moved the lounge and discovered that murphy has once again visited our house!

On the first day when the guy took the wall planks off, to check the level of the floor boards, he cut through wood and some wall and as it turns out our LOUNGE! Ahh the fun ... yes believe it or not we are laughing about it.

Anyway here they are ... the wall and the lounge.

15 August 2007

Pouring the slab!

Monday they poured the piers which was great but boy was Tuesday exciting....WE HAVE A FLOOOOR! So exciting because it really makes it real. Well it should considering it took about 7 cubic metres of concrete for the piers and ....wait for it.... 21.6 cubic metres for the foundation. The back corner is just above knee height which made a nightmare for the concrete guys. Poor buggers had to pour it in 3 stages to get the height and the eastern framework started giving way under the weight of the wet concrete. They were amazing and caught it just in time.

Oh and as a bonus our front yard has raised to the level of the front porch due to the fact that they had about 40tonne of quarry gravel sitting in our yard that they were going to dump.

D asked one of the guys what they were going to do with it and they said why "do you want it?" (It has long been D's dream to get rid of the big rocks that border our front path and raise the level of the yard) Next thing the site manager was asking if we wanted to raise the level and we agreed on D's condition that they get rid of the rocks for us! BONUS it was cheaper for them to get the bobcat to dump the rocks and level the yard than it would have been to get 2 trucks to take it away.
How easy was that!

14 August 2007

The thin string line

Thats what it came down to...

That little bit... about 6 cm ...bought work to a halt for a week. Once we trimmed the plans to suit we were up and running again!

We had the concrete guys here next to dig the footings and piers which all went well until it came to the plumbing. I noticed they marked a line on the ground and asked them what it was. He said it was the plumbing and when I told him that the plumbing was about a metre to the right he first... said "oh ok" second ... completely disregarded it and third ... dug our sewage pipes up!

Enter the plumbers. They fixed the pipes and OOPS fixed the footing good and proper!

Poor concrete guy nearly had a heart attack when he saw the mess they made of his footings. Once he got over the shock he emptied out the holes he dug for the piers and got them ready for the concrete which was poured later that afternoon.

Time has gotten away from me again so i'll do another update tomorrow.

7 August 2007


Well we have had a crazy week but whats new? lol

Last wednesday they were supposed to dig and pour piers but when the boundary was called into question it was all tools down and wait for the technicalities to be worked out.

Welllllll today it is finally back on! Yayyy

We have had to cut the width back but i'm sure that will be fine. We have gone over and over all the plans changed a few things to suit the new size and have given the go ahead so..... They are back onsite tomorrow!!! woohooooo

Update on the injured goes J is sore and milking his colarbone for everything it's worth and D has had his stitches out.

I guess I will be doing more interesting posts more often now so see you soon!

2 August 2007

First week of August


We were told that work would start on Monday so I stayed home and waited. While I waited I recieved a phone call telling me that no2 son had broken his collarbone! Poor kid was very brave and by the time he got home was all strapped up and clutching his xrays. He was happily smiling as he told his story and got lots of sympathy along with lollies, icecream, pods, and a brother and sister who were doing his jobs lol.

As for the building, it started with a flurry of excitement with 85 tonnes of quarry rubble being delivered over 2 days. The guy on the bobcat was amazing. We were all watching and at times it was jaw dropping. I think he was enjoying putting on a show for all of his spectators lol

Unfortunately by Wednesday we hit a snag and work stopped. We have boundary issues so they have to measure and peg and decide exactly what to do.

So now we wait!

1 August 2007

Shed day!

Arrgghhh it happened again. This is my 3rd attempt at this post. Never mind thats what kind of day it is I think lol

Saturday was shed day. We were helped out by a wonderful group of friends and relatives who started arriving from 7.30 for a breakfast of bacon and eggs. The shed had whiteant damage and it really worried me that someone would get hurt but they got it down without incident. Unless you count hubby's attempt to get out of helping by cutting his finger the night before and earning himself 4 stitches. Joking honey!

Anyway we just wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to them for a job well done and for everyone else there are pictures.